Cleaning and taking care of your rubber.

Did you know that you can make your wetsuit last longer if you use a cleaner and conditioner? How should you take care of your wetsuit?


Surfers usually think that if you rinse it off with fresh water and hang it in the shade, you're doing everything necessary to improve your wetsuit durability. Well, not quite.

A good wetsuit is expensive. The investment can cost upwards of $500 (€400), so you should treat your wetsuit accordingly.

If you surf 100 days per year, it's easy to understand how much pressure you're putting on the neoprene. Salt, the sun's rays, urine, contact with sand, and frequent stretching all take a toll.

Wetsuits are always working for you and, therefore, they deserve a rest and proper treatment. That means using a particular kind of shampoo formulated for neoprene wetsuits.


Prolonging Neoprene Life

A wetsuit cleaner and conditioner is the best way to ensure your second skin will live a couple of years more.

These products work as both disinfectant and cleaning catalysts, eliminating all small offensive particles.

Remember that hot water destroys your wetsuit's flexibility, so you should never wash your wetsuit in a washing machine.

Always dry it inside out, indoors, as quickly as possible and away from sunlight. That is to say no ironing or dryers. And, whenever possible, store your wetsuit in a plastic bag.

Finally, remember to remove was from the neoprene, once in a while.

Taking care of your wetsuit requires patience, but it is worth it.

You'll save hundreds of dollars/euros, year after year, and will enjoy a more comfortable wetsuit whenever you put it on.